Greg served as an internal consultant for Barnes/Jewish Hospital, teaching management skills in all levels of the organization, along with offering support meetings in divisions, and team building. He has been trained as a trainer, and has trained others to train.

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  • "Health Care Professionals and Compassion Fatigue"
  • "Illness In The Workplace"
  • "Managing Yourself When Others Are Resistant"
  • "Facilitating Groups For The Chronically Ill"
  • "Journey Beyond Diagnosis"
  • "Dreaming: Mystery or Mastery"
  • "Managing The Pressures and Loss of Parenting a Disabled Child"
  • "Grief: It's a Journey"
  • "Illness and Couples"
  • "Recognizing and Responding to Caregiver Pressures"
  • "Spirituality and the Illness Experience"
  • "Talking With Someone That's Been Diagnosed"
  • "Training for Trainers"
  • Customized management and staff retreats
  • Follow-up, round-table, and/or ongoing support meetings
Greg believes that effective training draws from and builds on the wisdom and experience that all of us bring. The trainer simply calls forward that knowledge, adds his or her own, and focuses it all to produce new understandings.This process includes dialogue because to talk about something is to think about something. To think about something is to foster its retention. Therefore, interaction and activity are central factors in this learning model. Consequently, Greg's workshops and presentations are highly interactive, with structured learning experiences to solidify the material being taught. Each program provides step-by-step, skill management techniques.
Greg has addressed organizations and support groups across the country on many topics including:
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