Greg offers group counseling, including two weekly groups for men and a weekly group for women. Sessions are 90 minutes each and new members agree to attend at least 12 meetings. Most members continue beyond the required sessions. The groups are limited in size to eight people. The fee is $65 per meeting. An intake interview is provided at no cost.

Join men or women of all ages in strong and loving conversation about living in healthy power, finding and caring for your true self, maintaining healthy relationships, anxiety and depression management, spirituality, sexuality and any topic important to your healing and growth.

Few things are more healing than meeting with a skilled therapist in a safe environment with members of the same sex and feeling cared for, just as you are. In group therapy, the support, information, presence and perspective offered to participants expands beyond the therapist, to dialogue with all members of the group. This dynamic fosters growth.

Greg, group facilitator, is both a licensed professional counselor and certified group psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience. He’s led over 3600 group sessions. His book, Journey Beyond Hardship, has been endorsed by two New York Times bestsellers, with an Amazon 100% five-star rating.

Women’s Group Schedule:

Men’s Group Schedule:

Call Greg at 314-993-9111 for more information or to schedule an intake interview.

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