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Greg's work as a psychotherapist has included over twenty-two years counseling the chronically and terminally ill, their loved ones and the medical professionals who serve them. He has led more than 2,000 group meetings for this population, including a weekly, two-year support group for physicians at one of the country's leading hospitals.

Greg's work with this population changed him, and led to his creation of the book, Journey Beyond Diagnosis: Support During and After Illness for Survivors and Those Who Love and Care for Them.

Journey Beyond Diagnosis takes a compassionate look at the vast landscape of an illness experience. The book is offered as assistance to survivors, caregivers, and medical professionals by likening an illness experience to a long drive.

The book not only illuminates the many ups, downs, and curves of adversity along the road. Eleven Rest Stops {step-by-step techniques for making the journey more comfortable} are interspersed throughout the narrative. These Rest Stops include strategies for responding to relationship tensions, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression. There are also special sections for caregivers and health care professionals.
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