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"Journey Beyond Diagnosis is a sensitive and clear map to the emotional landscape that accompanies the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. With clear personal examples Greg Pacini provides helpful advice to managing the inevitable bumps in the road, dead ends, and wrong turns that are part of living with cancer. He helps you to honor your feelings and live through them."

David Spiegel, MD
Willson Professor and Associate Chair of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Stanford University School of Medicine
Author, Living Beyond Limits

"When your book arrived yesterday, I was so eager to begin reading. I didn't expect the rush of feeling I experienced when I just held the book. The cover soothed me instantly. When I learned of your metaphor I was reeled in even more....and then there was your voice in your words! I can hear you speaking what you have written. In North Carolina, I remember being stunned at how open and vulnerable everyone became almost instantly when you took the center stage. You have a tremendous gift of making a safe space for feeling and intuition to show up."

Maddie Hunter

"If you are a survivor of any illness, or caregiver - this book is for you! Journey Beyond Diagnosis is easily understood, thought-provoking and 'hits home' even after 13 years."

Don Young, a recent heart patient and 13-year throat cancer survivor, along with Kay, his wife and caregiver.